Application of chlorhexidine and its effect on hybrid layers: A review of the literature


  • Ilma Robo



Chlorhexidine, Degradation, Hybrid layer


Background: Adhesion must occur between the demineralized organic mass of the tooth structure and the hydrophilic elements of the adhesive resin. The goal of achieving clinical success with this procedure is clearly expressed in the recommendations for the application of the acidifying and bonding materials, as well as in the rules that appear under the dental material manufacturing brand. Bonding the composite with demineralized dental structures is a procedural technique that relies on the sensitive mechanism of adhesion between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of the resin and the dental organic matrix after acidification. The clinical success of the application is then expressed through the longevity of the filling and the absence of secondary or subsequent complications. Materials and Methods: This study is a literature review. A total of 54 articles were selected, of which 12 were excluded from further evaluation as they did not meet one or more of the inclusion criteria in the study. Therefore, 42 articles were included as the base articles for this study. Results: Chlorhexidine (CHX) was applied after rinsing the acid with water and air-drying the dentin only on a wet surface. This method is the only clinically proven one, as it is easy to apply and likely to gain wider acceptance initially. However, research is expected to develop simpler and more efficient methods of applying CHX or other matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors. For instance, a recent in vitro study demonstrated that the addition of 2% CHX to a conventional 37% phosphoric acid prevented the degradation of bond strength in an “Etch and Rinse” adhesive system over a 6-month period. Conclusion: The clinical application of 2% CHX for 1 min on acidified dentin, following an acid rinse and before the application of dentin primer and bond, has been shown to effectively prevent significant in vivo degradation of bond strength by metalloproteinases for a minimum of 14 months.


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Application of chlorhexidine and its effect on hybrid layers: A review of the literature. (2023). Yemen Journal of Medicine, 2(2), 81-86.

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