Risk factors and outcomes of stroke in a tertiary hospital in Hadhramout Governorate, Yemen


  • Jamal Basamed Ibn seena hospital




Hemorrhagic stroke, Ischemic stroke, Risk factors, in-hospital mortality, Hadhramout Governorate


Background: Although stroke is a major problem in Hadhramout Governorate, there is a scarcity of reliable information on risk factors of stroke and in-hospital mortality. The aim of this study was to explore the risk factors and outcomes of stroke patients admitted to Ibn Sina hospital, Hadhramout, Yemen, and to identify the predictors of in-hospital mortality. Methods: This retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted in Ibn Sina hospital in al-Mukalla district, Hadhramout Governorate, over a 4-month period (1 January 2021-30 April 2021). Results: During the study period, we recruited 100 cases of stroke, of them, 77 (77%) were males and 23 (23%) females. Their mean age was 65.42±12.78 years. The most frequent risk factor was hypertension 81 (81%), and family history was positive for stroke in 31 (31%) patients and a history of a previous stroke was present in 30 (30%) patients. Risk factors were not identified (Cryptogenic) in 5 (5%) cases. Ischemic stroke was identified in 70 (70%) cases, while hemorrhagic stroke was found in 30 (30%) patients. The in-hospital mortality was 29 (29%), and the univariate analysis found male sex, hypertension, and hemorrhagic stroke as probable predictors of in-hospital mortality. Only hemorrhagic stroke (Adjusted OR= 2.053; 95% CI=0.822-1.599; P<0.001), and hypertension (Adjusted OR= 1.677; 95% CI=0.555-1.495; P=0.011), were found to be independent predictors of mortality by multivariate logistic regression analysis. Conclusion: Stroke is a major problem in Hadhramaut Governorate with ischemic stroke being more than hemorrhagic. Men were more likely to have a stroke than women and the majority of cases were elderly. Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, smoking, and dyslipidemia were the most commonly identified risk factors that were significantly associated with stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke and the presence of hypertension were found as risk factors for in-hospital mortality, therefore, hypertension should be well-controlled to reduce in-hospital mortality.


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