Herpes Viruses: An Appraisal, Clinical Reports and Insights


  • Louis Z.G. Touyz
  • Leonardo M. Nassani


Anti-virals, Gums, Infection, Herpes, Mucosa, Oral, Virus


Herpes viruses occur ubiquitously among humans across the globe. This appraisal describes the molecular structure of Herpes
viruses with the known types of Human Herpes Virus (Types 1-8), deconstructs, and describes the pathogenesis and clinical
presentations of primary and recurrent Herpes oral infection. Illustrated here are Human Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HHSV-1) as a
primary oral herpes infection, a recurrent Herpes labialis, HHSV-1 with blood infusion, a post-op Herpes, and a radiograph of
rapidly progressive periodontitis associated with Herpes. There are no strict protocols of management, and suggested treatments of oral manifestations are discussed. Therapeutic drugs available are listed and a costing for them in North America is indicated.
Therapy can treat the symptoms and manifestations, but no vaccine or reliable prophylactic inoculations exists against the Human
Herpes Viruses.


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