Pharmacological Basis of Similia Similibus Curantur

Mode of action of Homeopathic medicine




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  1. Introduction

Similia Similibus Curantur is the main principle followed in homoeopathy, which means if a drug can produce symptoms in healthy individuals, the same drug will relieve similar symptoms of the disease. The biological, pharmacological & toxicological action of capsaicin alkaloids is a perfect example to explain the Similia Similibus Curantur principle. Most of the drugs in homoeopathic materia medica contain toxicological, pharmacological, drug-proving, and traditional use-related symptoms and indications. Abnormal sensations and symptoms of the disease are caused by the involvement of a specific receptor or molecular pathway & gene functions.

  1. The Principle

These receptors or molecules may be stimulated or suppressed by environmental, natural or artificial agents. In such conditions, the administration of specific homoeopathic medicine having a similar kind of affinity towards the particular receptors or molecules involved in the disease process leads to modulation of such receptor or molecular pathways (e.g., desensitization, sensitization, inhibition). These kinds of actions cause the betterment of symptoms or curative effects. So Similia similibus curanter can be understood as "A similar receptor or molecular pathway involved in both drug molecules biological/pharmacological & toxicological action and disease pathogenesis". The selection of medicine is by comparing the similarity between the receptor or molecular pathway in disease pathogenesis and drug pathogenesis. To avoid unwanted aggravations or side effects while using mother tinctures or solutions, administer them less than their physiological dose.

  1. Conclusion

The theory of the pharmacological basis of Similia Similia Curantur creates a rational method to apply this Similia Principle. Based on this theory, there is a possibility of discovering Novel drugs in the future that acts and gives a cure in similia similibus curantur way.


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