Effectiveness of yoga and naturopathy intervention on palmar psoriasis - A case report


  • Akila
  • Mangaiarkarasi Narayanasamy
  • Yogapriya Chidambaram
  • Deenadayalan Boopalan
  • Prabu Poornachandran


Palmar psoriasis, Yoga and Naturopathy, PASI score


Palmar psoriasis is a chronic variant of psoriasis that affects the skin of the palms producing significant functional disability. It is usually triggered by environmental factors such as trauma, infections, medicines, metabolic / hormonal factors, stress, alcohol use, smoking and lifestyle. Worldwide 2% population are affected by psoriasis, whereas in India 0.4% - 2.8% are affected. Yoga and Naturopathy (YN) is a widely used traditional healing science that encompasses holistic approach in prevention and treatment of diseases. A 25 years old male presented with palmar psoriasis underwent YN- based lifestyle interventions which includes hydrotherapy, mud therapy, yoga therapy and acupuncture for a period of 24 days. Baseline PASI score and PSS scores were 1.26% and 26 respectively. Both PASI score and PSS score reduced considerably after treatment. This case report indicates that YN have a positive role in reinstating palmar psoriasis. However large-scale studies are warranted to bestow better care.


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Case Report

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