Frequency of statin-induced liver injury: A secondary analysis of previous hospital-based study


  • Abdelmonem Mohamed Hamad medical corporation
  • Ebtihal Abdelmoneim Hassan



Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, Statin-induced liver injury


Background: Although statins are considered safe, they do have side effects with a wide range of hepatic adverse effects. The present study aims to estimate the frequency of liver injury in patients treated with various statins and to describe their clinical characteristics and outcomes. Materials and Methods: We carried out a secondary post hoc analysis of collected data from our previous study entitled “Frequency of Rhabdomyolysis in Patients Treated with Statins in Hamad General Hospital, Qatar.” Results: We identified 10 cases (1.0%) of statin-induced liver injury during the study period. Their mean age was 62±10.09 years, with 6 (60%) males and 4 (40%) females. Of the 10 patients, six patients received rosuvastatin, two patients received atorvastatin, and other two cases received simvastatin. The mean duration between the initiation of statin and the development of liver injury (latency period) was 20.40±6.91 months. Five of our patients were asymptomatic, and liver injury was discovered incidentally during routine testing of the patients during routine follow-up, while four patients developed painless jaundice and one developed muscle pain attributed to rhabdomyolysis. Statins were stopped in all patients. Nine of them were managed on an outpatient basis, while one patient with rhabdomyolysis was admitted. In all patients, other statins were reintroduced after a mean time of 7.4±3 months without recurrence of liver injury. No mortality has been reported. Conclusion: Our study demonstrated that statin-induced liver injury is a rare clinical entity that occurs regardless of the dose and type of statin, with rosuvastatin being the most causative drug. Statin-induced liver injury was asymptomatic and was discovered incidentally in 50% of our cases during routine testing, underscoring the importance of routine follow-up of liver function tests in asymptomatic patients.


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Mohamed, A., & Hassan, E. A. (2022). Frequency of statin-induced liver injury: A secondary analysis of previous hospital-based study. Yemen Journal of Medicine, 1(1), 27–30.



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