Evaluation of different type containers used in micropropagation of Irish potato varieties


  • Aimable Nsanzurwimo
  • Nikuze F




Containers, varieties, micropropagation, recovery rate, air rooting, cuttings


The Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is among the major crops grown in Rwanda especially in the Northern Province of Rwanda. In Rwanda, potato production and marketing chain still face serious problems including insufficient production and poor quantity and quality of seed material. The tissue culture was found to be a suitable method for the production of good quality and quantity of plantlets of Irish potato varieties. The experiment was performed in the tissue culture laboratory of RAB-Musanze station. The objective of the study was to evaluate the efficiency of the microbox in micropropagation of three varieties of Irish potato for safe seeds and rapid multiplication. The experimental design was laid on a complete randomized design with two factors; the containers with different filters and varieties (Kinigi, Kirundo, 393371-58). Parameters analyzed were the recovery rate, number of air roots, number of internodes and cuttings in containers and varieties. The results obtained showed a significant difference between containers on the recovery rate where the F-pr. < .001 at a significance level of 5 % and Kinigi variety (A) with Green filter has a high percentage. Considering the number of air roots, results showed that Kirundo variety (B) with Pink filter (3) had a high number of air roots. It was observed that 393971-58 variety (C) with Green filter (1) exhibited the highest number of internodes and a high number of cuttings. The studied parameters showed that the container with Green filter (1) performed well with 393371-58 variety (C) under aseptic conditions. The objectives of this research have been achieved and hypotheses verified and confirmed that “Under controlled conditions, the air rooting occurs more in the microbox than in the punnet and there is a difference of performance between containers and varieties while the recovery rate varies among varieties and type of containers. Moreover, it is necessary to continue the study on other varieties for a good evaluation of different type of containers and selection of the ones and variety that allow a good yield of quality plantlet of the Irish potato


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Aimable Nsanzurwimo, & Nikuze F. (2021). Evaluation of different type containers used in micropropagation of Irish potato varieties. INES Scientific Journal, 1(1), 33–42. https://doi.org/10.32677/ISJ.2021.v01.i01.004



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