Childhood abuse and late life depression – Recent updates




childhood abuse, depression, psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, prevention


Childhood abuse is an important public health concern that can derail the developmental course of children. Psychological abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse can have far-reaching impacts on children and influence the trajectories of mental health outcomes. They often co-occur and all maltreatment types carry a risk for depression in adulthood. Gaps in research methods pose challenges in extrapolating a generalized result that can influence the understanding of this probable link. Mechanisms correlating bio-psycho-social dimensions are relatively scarce. However, this review summarizes the recent updates in linking childhood abuse and major depressive disorder (MDD). Finally, targeted interventions and validated screening tools may be beneficial in the prevention of depression. This review highlights the importance of addressing childhood abuse and its sequelae in the development of depression.



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Agrawal , A., Sharma, S. ., & Mandumpala, J. J. . (2022). Childhood abuse and late life depression – Recent updates. Indian Journal of Child Health, 9(6), 87-91.



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