A case series on post-COVID pulmonary rehabilitation: Early experiences from Kerala, South India


  • Akhilesh Kunoor
  • Aditya Ashok
  • Merlin Moni
  • Asmita Mehta
  • Elizabeth Mary Thomas
  • Veena Viswan
  • K Harikrishnan




COVID-19,, Post-COVID,, Pulmonary rehabilitation


Patients who were contracted with COVID-19 are reported to have a variety of symptoms affecting neuromuscular, psychological, cardiac, and respiratory systems. A significant proportion of patients present with prolonged symptoms even weeks to months including minor illness. The lung is the most common and important organ affected in COVID-19 and sequela can result in exertional breathlessness, cough, hypoxia, or pulmonary fibrosis. Along with medical and supportive therapy, a multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation program is essential to improve the quality of life and reduce symptoms in post-COVID-19 patients. We report a case series of three cases who presented with diverse manifestations after COVID-19 recovery, who were treated with a multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation program. This case series, with early experiences from Kerala which had its peak of COVID-19 pandemic in late October 2020, shows a substantial improvement of symptoms in patients even with initial rehabilitation sessions itself, which shows promising hope in post-COVID-19 management.


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Akhilesh Kunoor, Aditya Ashok, Merlin Moni, Asmita Mehta, Elizabeth Mary Thomas, Veena Viswan, & K Harikrishnan. (2020). A case series on post-COVID pulmonary rehabilitation: Early experiences from Kerala, South India. Indian Journal of Case Reports, 6(12), 672–675. https://doi.org/10.32677/IJCR.2020.v06.i12.001



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